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Two Sweet Feet

Created in Cornwall, designed in Thailand and founded in Hong Kong, Two Sweet Feet Wellness Retreat encompasses all of what we believe to be the best of fitness and wellness practices.

Our multidimensional approach to healthy and happy living offers you the opportunity to spend time learning new skills, exploring incredible destinations and leaving with an enriched sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Our team has dedicated themselves to their individual passions. Every class, workshop and activity is led by people that have a genuine desire to support, guide and empower you as an individual.

We love training and testing our bodies through more than just physical exertion - but this style of training, whilst being a cornerstone of our training philosophy, only shows one aspect.


We want to present you with disciplines and ideas that will hopefully transcend more than just how we feel, but also how we think.

Two Sweet Feet holds an island-life mindset while maintaining a city-strong body. 

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Why choose TSF?

We are meticulous in planning our events. From location scouting ensuring a rustic luxury, to sourcing passionate coaches and the freshest of ingredients. We redefine the standard approach of retreats with how we curate our classes and activities.

To us, fitness, yoga, calligraphy and Muay Thai all work in harmony together.

We love diversity, quality and shared experiences. If you want a retreat that challenges you, motivates and supports you whilst ensuring that fun and relaxation is at the heart of everything we do then join us.

What to Expect?

Expect comfort and a welcoming homely feel. Expect a non judgmental environment, shared with like minded people. Expect freshly made cuisine overlooking a stunning panoramic of jungle, ocean or mountains.


Look forward to the process of awakening your body with a Yoga flow before invigorating your senses with Muay Thai. Embrace connecting with yourself on a deeper level through mindful calligraphy and sound bowl healing.


Our retreats fuse energy, peace, excitement and calm into a weekend that will leave you feeling stronger, healthier and more confident.

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