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Two Sweet Feet specialises in hosting fitness & wellness retreats in Hong Kong and Phuket. Our events take place in beautiful locations that allow you to be close to nature and consist of a diversity of workouts, classes and activities.

 We are passionate about building a community of strong, empowered, successful people

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April 4th-10th  Phuket, Thailand

Fitness & relaxation island style. Train in some of Phuket's best gyms and explore its stunning coastline and jungle. 

May 27th  Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Out of the city and into nature. Outdoor workout, Yoga and calligraphy. Enjoy a day of energy and creativity  

Our training style is based upon our experience of gym based weightlifting, outdoor bootcamps and yoga. With over 15 years experience in personal training and group exercise, we have worked with a huge variety of experience levels and backgrounds. Each of our events is in collaboration with some of the most exciting and knowledgeable trainers Hong Kong and Phuket has to offer. 

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Mindfulness goes hand in hand with creativity. We can apply this practice to our creative process. Finding balance between the two allows us to explore 'divergent thinking' and gives us the opportunity for self expression. This process activates and strengthens the networks within our brain.

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We want you to walk with confidence, 

happy with your body, content in your mind and excited about what life holds.

We achieve this through fitness, mindfulness and shared experiences.

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