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  • What type of workouts do you do?
    Strength training, Muay Thai, HIIT, Yoga, Sound Bowls. All of our training venues have been chosen based upon our relationship with the gym, the quality of coaching, the location and their overall experience.
  • Can I come by myself?
    100%. We have a great mix of solo travellers, friends and couples.
  • Average age range?
  • Do you cater for different dietary requirements?
    Every diet can be catered for. You can tell us anything you need to know before you arrive.
  • When is it best to fly if I want to have a full retreat experience?
    We always advise the day or night before so you can start Day 1 as a full day. We will have our accommodation ready for check in the evening before.
  • Do I need to be fit to join?
    No fitness level required. If you enjoy working out or like the idea of being active in Thailand then we can help.
  • Do I need to get travel insurance?
    It’s always advisable to get private medical/travel insurance. It’s relatively inexpensive and gives us that piece of mind.
  • How do the dates work?
    You have the option to check-in the evening before the retreat start date. So for example if you are coming for 5 days, you can arrive on the 4th April, ready to start the retreat on the 5th until the 9th, you then have the option to leave on the morning of the 10th.
  • Is everything on the schedule mandatory?
    No, we like everyone to have the choice on what they’d like to do on any given day.
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