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Our Coaches

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Natalie Sin
 Muay Thai 

Natalie is an active professional Muay Thai fighter and trainer with 10 years experience in the Muay Thai industry. Over the last decade, she has fought over 40 professional fights around Asia. She is one of the participants in the World Muay Thai Angels Tournament and currently the Champion title holder of WMO 57 kg and Thailand Phuket Bangla Stadium.


Kalo Chu
Calligraphy Master 

Kalo is a self-taught calligrapher after she first picked up a calligraphy book back in 2010. Her passion for writing has allowed her to meet some of the world's most influential Master Penmen who have travelled to teach at her studio in Central, Hong Kong. She continues to inspire beginners to write and her motto is "Never forget the beginner's spirit"!

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Sandra Chan
Meditation Leader

Sandra discovered the power of meditation in her life while attending the 8 weeks program of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Since then, she has continued to practice meditation with Rajiv Kapil, and is blessed to receive the Mantra Diksha and be initiated by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati himself at the Bihar School of Yoga in India in 2018.


Lya Li
Singing Bowls Guru

Trained as an architect in the UK, Lya is specialised in crafting tailored experiences and applies the same principles in her teaching. She has a passion for self love, wellness and fitness, and is always ready to learn and share with everyone around her. She teaches barre; yoga; aerial yoga including pole, hoop, hammock; healing through reiki and singing bowls.

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